Shrimp fishing in Phuket

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Shrimp fishing has become a leisure activity for all ages. In Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, fishing shrimp farms are quite popular. In Thailand, it is getting popular as well. Although there are few shrimp farms, we finally found a good place in Phuket after searching with my Thai friends who have been immersed in shrimp fishing.


The shrimp farm is not small, but there are few people. We arrived around 3 pm and stayed until 6 pm. Only charged 200 baht / person / hour, if you are the master, it is actually a good deal. Because what you fish is:


In fact, the shrimp farm is also a restaurant, so you can order food & drink
during waiting. It is worth mentioning that Don Ga Gai is very tasty! ! ! The proportion of coconut juice is well grasped, chicken is tender and the whole soup is not too spicy.


What should we do with the spoils?


Take them to the restaurant for cooking :)


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