What you need to prepare if you are first time to Thailand?

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The weather in Thailand is very different between the rainy and dry seasons. From May onwards, Thailand gradually enters the rainy season,especially September and October, it rains heavy everyday.

The clothing is mainly short-sleeved, but as mentioned above, there are heavey rains in the rainy season and the temperature will be cool. Even in Phuket, southern area of Thailand, a jacket will help you a lot in rainy season.

Thailand is a tropical region with many mosquitoes. Bangkok is a little bit better,but you have better to bring Anti-mosquito solution if you go to Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Sim Card

There are 3 main carriers. They are DTAC、AIS and True Move. Most of travellers will choose DTAC because of the cost-effective tour phone package for tourists. The best tourist Package: 1)8-day unlimited Internet (3 GB at max speed) 2) Free 100-baht call credit 3) Unlimited calls among Happy Tourist SIM 299 users 4) Special international call rate via 00400
You can buy it at all DTAC shops and 7-11. More information please read official website http://www.dtac.co.th/en/prepaid/products/tourist-sim.html

Driving Lisence

Please remember to make a international driving liscense before you rent a car or motobike in Thailand.If not, the police will give you a fine(Normally it should be 2000THB, but sometime more).


Type of plug in thailand is shown as picture:


Please bring the money that is equal to 20000THB with you.Any kinds of currency is okay,THB、USD、JPY、ERU and so on. Customs will check by random.


There are many exchages in the street and the exchage rate is much better than airport and hotels.Another way to cash out Thai Baht is using your visa card to withdraw from ATM directly.
If you have more questions, please feel free to leave your comment here and I will answer as soon as possible. So now only one thing left  – prepare your trip!

Tour tips in Phuket: http://www.travelword.net/thailand/phuketinformation/ http://www.travelword.net/thailand/restaurants/

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